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At Pixhance, we transform the visions of small businesses and freelancers into digital realities. Our streamlined branding solution cuts through the noise of online positioning ensuring a strong and engaging presence.

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​Strategies & Thoughtful

Catie Brier

Blending precision with the art of flexibility, Catie Brier’s brand epitomizes customized training excellence. Our joint effort has crafted a digital platform that reflects this commitment. Discover the strategy behind this dynamic digital landscape where every individual’s journey to safe flexibility is highlighted.

Showcasing the synergy between visionary brands and bespoke digital branding.

Catie Brier | Pixhance
Florian Gruenbeck | Pixhance
Gerad Kite | Pixhance
Shannon McKenna | Pixhance


Florian Gruenbeck

Florian Gruenbeck navigates the nexus of SaaS coaching and team synergy. Together, we've developed a digital identity that encapsulates a decade of expertise. See how we brought his vision for team evolution and corporate breakthroughs to life in a compelling digital narrative.

Gerad Kite

We've cast a spotlight on Gerad Kite’s holistic wellness philosophy, emphasizing his approach to Five-Element Acupuncture and fertility. Explore the integrated digital approach that showcases his clinic, teachings, and insights on making life’s profound choices.

Shannon McKenna

Highlighting Shannon McKenna’s dedication to aerial arts, our collaboration has lifted her digital engagement, emphasizing safe, accessible training. Venture into the elevated experience of her Aerial Origins Library and insights from 'The Artist Athlete' podcast.

Our Five-Step Path to Digital Distinction.

Our Process


01 Discovery & Insight

Start your journey with a focused call that dives deep into your brand's aspirations and challenges. It's an opportunity to identify growth areas and outline a roadmap specifically tailored to your brand's unique path.

02 Brand Strategy

Here, we lay the foundation for your brand. We examine your current status and future ambitions, understand your audience, refine your offerings, and analyze your market. The result is a tailored strategy that syncs perfectly with your goals.

03 Brand Identity

In this stage your brand’s visual identity comes to life. Through careful exploration of style and personality, we forge a collection of design elements that distinctively tell your brand’s story, ensuring it resonates and endures.

04 Branded Website

Your website is more than just an online space; it’s the digital expression of your brand. We start with a clear blueprint, then move through design and development stages, ensuring every page reflects your brand's strategy and identity.

05 Brand Awareness

Now, let's introduce your brand to the world. From crafting a content strategy that captures attention on social media to optimizing your site for search engines, we set your brand to soars.

What is personal branding and why do you need it to grow? If you're ready to ensure your target audience remembers you first in their time of need, then you're in the right place.

Why is personal branding important when it comes to your career? Is there really that much of a connection? We discuss the essentials here.

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