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Common questions

Do you charge for a brand audit?

Our first meeting is free of charge. We ask a few questions to get to know your needs and to assess if they are within our scope of work. We then send you a detailed, no-obligation price offer.

Do you provide social media marketing?

We provide social media plans and content calendars but do not manage social media accounts. With a clear personal brand and an established website, you can effectively and efficiently manage your social media. 

Can I just get a website?

Yes, in some cases, when our client has existing brand elements and a strong social media presence. We then create a clear website to help them increase their online visibility.

Can I just get a brand identity?

In order to create unique and personalized designs, they must go hand in hand with the verbal brand elements. Therefore, we do not offer a stand-alone brand identity.

Can I manage my blog or website alone?

We provide training on any website that includes blogs. The training covers all you need to know, to be able to create blog posts just as you would on Facebook.  We also give you the freedom to manage a specific part, or all of your website if you so choose. 

Why blend in when you can stand out?


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