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Andreas Müller

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Branded Website


For Catie Brier, the goal was to blend inspiration and enthusiasm into a digital experience that mirrors her unique approach to flexibility training. Embracing a modern yet vintage aesthetic, we revitalized her brand while honoring her heritage, incorporating the iconic contortionist model from her previous logo.

The challenge was to design a website that not only showcases her recorded online courses in an accessible and smart manner but also provides robust backend functionality. This includes secure content management to prevent unauthorized sharing, integrated sales and promotion tools for dynamic marketing, and clear presentation of personalized programs. The result is a vibrant, user-friendly platform that empowers Catie to connect with her audience and manage her offerings effortlessly.

Pixhance helped us create a truly authentic brand that we never knew we needed - and that we now can't live without! Working with B and the team has been a truly fun and eye opening experience. B really went above and beyond to make our brand and website exactly what we wanted and needed. Highly HIGHLY recommend!!

Catie Brier 

Founder & Flexibility Coach

Brand Assets

The website was created as the digital expression of the brand. Starting with a clear blueprint, the process moved through design and development stages, ensuring every page reflected the brand's strategy and identity.

Branded Website

Building the Brand

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